About Us

😍 Branding and marketing 😍

Pristime was launched in early 2016 to pay homage to some of the most high quality, fashionable, yet affordable accessories and watches.

Our products range from a watches that celebrities would wear to suave bracelets. 

We are incredibly proud to tell you that we're indeed 'pristine'. Our store was inspired by a watch enthusiast friend who couldn't afford expensive watches. After we found out how much making the 'expensive' watches actually cost, we decided that following fashion trend doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Our products are not only stylish but they are extremely durable. At Pristime, we are driven by the passion to deliver quality but affordable styles for as many people as we can, so affordability is one of our watchwords and one of the tenets we live by. You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else; this we can confidently say. So you don’t only get to live smarter and more stylishly; you also get to do it at a cost that won’t break the bank.

After seeing how delighted she was to find the affordable and fashionable watches we found after hours of thinking and searching, we decided to spread this opportunity to the world. Today, we solve problems by introducing our customers to products that will improve their styles each day.

🚀 Shipping and manufacturing 🚀